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In this age of tech-savvy youngsters, saving time by multitasking or finding a shortcut for everything is the new game. That’s whereTrue Infosystems Pvt Ltd (True bulk messages)comes to the rescue. One of the most anticipated features of bulk messages is the Whatsapp Business API. It can surely get hectic and even impossible to an extent by sending the same message to all users repeatedly. It is an unnecessary use of manpower and a loss of efficiency in the worst way possible.

Even the features available on the official WhatsApp application like broadcasting, forwards, and even,the creation of groups with similar interests are being used by a huge population. But these features have their shortcomings. They allow only a limited number of users to reach out. It is a big constraint on their efficiency as the method becomes time-consuming.

But worry not! We have just the right solution for you.

Use WhatsApp bulk messages as a more effective and efficient mode of communication. You all must have heard of the term- economies of scale. It refers to the acceleration in the growth of production due to which, maximum output can be produced with limited resources. This gives the producer the benefit to enjoy better procurement rates by having to spend less on labor and costs. Such is the logic of bulk messages on Whatsapp. Who would not want to be able to reach as many people as possible while maintaining business contacts? A much less time-consuming method like this enables the users to share relevant information and not miss the highlight of any social events.

Businesses use WhatsApp API to maintain brand loyalty and efficient contact with their customers. By sending the same message to a large group of people, there are fewer chances of mistakes.


what do bulk messages include?

True Infosystems Pvt Ltd -True Bulk messages can include a variety of media ranging from plain texts to videos, and images. The best part is, that, unlike many other social media platforms, the bulk message feature does not have a character limit. That means you can text as much valuable information to a certain group of people as you want.

how to send bulk messages on whatsapp?

A broadcast list will limit the recipient’s number to 256 which isn’t the most feasible solution for businesses that are operating on a medium to large scale. Several third-party applications are available to send messages on WhatsApp without the addition of any contacts. A reliable bulk message sender is important as there are several restrictions and individual policies on Whatsapp that mitigate the use of any third-party bot to send messages. The strict rules of the community have made it a point to not let individuals get into scamming applications for their business. Such services can prove to be invasive and stressful for the users who try to indulge in any such practices. This leads to a complete removal of the business account on WhatsApp and it cannot be recovered.

To find a reasonable contact to connect with people without having to rely on mass promotion bots, one can get themselves enrolled with a reliable WhatsApp Business Solutions Provider. Such companies consist of a team of agents that are going to be exclusively available to guide you through the entire process. Official WhatsApp APIs act as the official channel that does not function over the restrictions allotted by the official community. Automated messages can be sent using the officially verified bots so that the excess manpower can be saved and employed into doing other fruitful tasks that require a skill possessed by them.


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Kunal Singh

We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business


Mohan Kumar

The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered.



WhatsApp API has helped our large company.

What our client say's

“We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business generate quick potential leads by means of analytically Masters Target profiling our potential prospects. The Bulk SMS service is rightly driven by your team of experts and has leveraged and improved our improve value proposition to our customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties.”

What our client say's

“The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered. The response time is excellent and the concise delivery report rocks. Pleased customer so far!”

What our client say's

“WhatsApp API has helped our large company. We wanted to use WhatsApp to communicate with multiple customers at scale and grow our business. The WhatsApp Business API feature enabled by True Infosystemspvt ltd has enabled our large business to automate communications with automated replies, WhatsAppchatbots& interactive messages. All thanks to your team of experts for helping us with the best in automated communicated process!”

case study

Educational Institution.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by educational institutions is ensuring effective communication with students, parents, and staff. This was the case with DAV Public School, which struggled to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged through traditional methods of communication such as notices and circulars.”

DAV Public School

Educational Institution


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