what are bulk messages?

True Infosystems Pvt Ltd is one of the most used messaging services in recent times. It aims at being able to present brand information or any other notification about the products to the customers in the most enlightening manner.

There are mainly two types of bulk messaging:

1. Promotional text messages-

By using these types of bulk messages, you can create awareness about your business in different ways. It can be used to alarm consumers about the launch of a newly launched product. With this particular service, you can send drafted messages to DND or non-DND private numbers. These messages can be scheduled to be sent together at a certain date and a specific time.

2. Transactional messages-

These types of messages are mainly focused on sending updates regarding an ongoing or potential transaction. For instance, if you have shown any interest in a product or service a certain brand provides, you are likely to get added to their list of potential customers in the making. This way, you will receive updates asking for your further interest in the given domain.


why should you rely on our bulk messaging services?

1. Real-time delivery reports- By collaborating with True Infosystems Pvt Ltd, you can have unlimited access to the real-time engagement and delivery report of the messages sent to the community. This way, you can estimate the form of impact that a certain draft could have on the potential customers.

2. Boost engagement- with the help of various discounts and coupons talked about in the messages, you can attract customers to follow up with the campaign. You can also use web surveys through these messages to gain high engagement.

Apart from the aforementioned advantages of using the True bulk SMS messaging feature, you can rely on our business service providers to market your brand around the world. Connect with us by logging on to our website and getting amazing deals and packages by letting us help you reach millions.

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what do we do?

True Infosystems Pvt Ltd is undoubtedly the best bulk SMS service provider. Whether you need guaranteed results in promoting your business to a large group of contacts or alarm your community about the upcoming event of your recently launched product. Don’t worry anymore, we have got you covered. We work for your satisfaction more than our validation. We go beyond your expectations to derive a customized, tailor-made plan for your business so that you won’t have to put any brain or effort into sending bulk SMS messages as easily and as fast as possible. Subscribe now! So that you don’t miss any benefits.

Our online SMS software has been lauded for its achievements in the segment. With easy contact established with the receivers and their expectations of the mentioned brand, we make it easy and convenient for the customers to derive maximum benefits from our services.

We believe in providing the best digital experience of bulk messaging services that exist in current times. Reliable, high quality, and successful relationships between the brands is our main motto. We aim to help brands tell their unique stories and transform their business most excitingly.

You can connect with us on our website for the best assurance of handling all your business needs.


What our client say's

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Kunal Singh

We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business


Mohan Kumar

The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered.



WhatsApp API has helped our large company.

What our client say's

“We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business generate quick potential leads by means of analytically Masters Target profiling our potential prospects. The Bulk SMS service is rightly driven by your team of experts and has leveraged and improved our improve value proposition to our customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties.”

What our client say's

“The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered. The response time is excellent and the concise delivery report rocks. Pleased customer so far!”

What our client say's

“WhatsApp API has helped our large company. We wanted to use WhatsApp to communicate with multiple customers at scale and grow our business. The WhatsApp Business API feature enabled by True Infosystemspvt ltd has enabled our large business to automate communications with automated replies, WhatsAppchatbots& interactive messages. All thanks to your team of experts for helping us with the best in automated communicated process!”

case study

Educational Institution.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by educational institutions is ensuring effective communication with students, parents, and staff. This was the case with DAV Public School, which struggled to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged through traditional methods of communication such as notices and circulars.”

DAV Public School

Educational Institution


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