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What good is a market technique if it doesn’t help the business connect with other businesses and grow in terms of customer base with the help of channels of communication? Unlike traditional marketing methods, lead generational tools help the business to create a platform for themselves that can act as an initiative to prospect new contacts.

This type of text message marketing is mainly helpful for businesses that are looking to cover a large audience base in a limited time frame. Companies that are looking forward to scaling their brand communications in the shortest duration benefit the most from these types of techniques.

With specially curated messages and high-end content choices, this can be a great method to categorize the targeted phone numbers that will be leveraged to generate targeted leads. A marketing procedure like this will induce the sales pipeline in a much-affiliated system. Through emails, advertisers can reach their targeted audience across their desired industry.


how is lead generation through text the most effective marketing measure?

An excellent approach towards the generation of leads is through True Infosystems Pvt Ltd-True Bulk SMS solutions in terms of text and letters. This is because it simplifies the entire process and makes the customer reach directly the point that we are trying to make.

The target audience tends to engage more with simple and relatable text messages rather than reading a page-long email about the business. Since they are short and simple in context, we don’t have to focus on implying extra effort while creating a draft. With a click-through rate of more than 21%, SMS messages are shining brighter than emails.

It is such a cost-effective marketing technique that has the biggest ROI (return on investment) rates. The best part is that the infrastructure required to implement this particular technique is not a heavy loader. A quick and reliable text needs to be drafted and sent using SMS-generating software provided by the business solutions provider. There is no need to install a heavy software infrastructure of the internet and several other connections.

You can connect with us for implementing your SMS campaign easily and in a hassle-free manner. The cheapest delivery solutions with the best engagement return guaranteed.

the best lead generation tactics:

Since we have already established that text messages seem to have a clear upper hand above the existing platforms, following the given strategies might help in better outcomes.

1. Compelling offers- you can attract customers to engage with the text by using alluring discounts and coupons. Rewarding them with offers will ignite their interest in the product or service and because of these offers, they will find themselves connecting to your brand easily.

2. Referral programs- to attract a larger group of people by killing two birds with a single stone, you can give away referral codes and present the reward to people sharing these codes with their acquaintances. This way, they will be encouraged to spread the word about your company which will help you gain more and more customers easily.

3. Conduct a pilot survey- it is always advisable to ensure that your SMS will have a great impact on the customer base by determining the potential impact on a smaller set of customers. This small set of people will act as the recipient of the campaign on whom the experiment of proper implementation will be carried out.

If you have any queries related to the lead-generation technique by SMS messaging feature of bulk contacting, you can reach out to us through our website- True Infosystems Pvt Ltd (True Bulk SMS).

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Kunal Singh

We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business


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The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered.



WhatsApp API has helped our large company.

What our client say's

“We are thankful to True Info Systems Pvt ltd to help our business generate quick potential leads by means of analytically Masters Target profiling our potential prospects. The Bulk SMS service is rightly driven by your team of experts and has leveraged and improved our improve value proposition to our customers, suppliers, partners and other third parties.”

What our client say's

“The voice SMS service offers supreme support and extreme reliable system promised and delivered. The response time is excellent and the concise delivery report rocks. Pleased customer so far!”

What our client say's

“WhatsApp API has helped our large company. We wanted to use WhatsApp to communicate with multiple customers at scale and grow our business. The WhatsApp Business API feature enabled by True Infosystemspvt ltd has enabled our large business to automate communications with automated replies, WhatsAppchatbots& interactive messages. All thanks to your team of experts for helping us with the best in automated communicated process!”

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Educational Institution.

“One of the biggest challenges faced by educational institutions is ensuring effective communication with students, parents, and staff. This was the case with DAV Public School, which struggled to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged through traditional methods of communication such as notices and circulars.”

DAV Public School

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