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You have rightly reached India’s No 1 BULK SMS Service provider. It’s certainly going to be a cakewalk for you to increase sales and customer satisfaction with our Bulk SMS Platform offering you the premium best. Now easy to reach your potential audience with Smarter SMS Campaigns, Instant notifications, Instant OTP’s and other award winning SMS service, trusted across the globe by more than 10,000+ businesses so far.

Get going to reach your potential audience in a fraction of second with our cutting edge technology. Make optimum use of this platform to timely engage with your customers and instantly help them with the solutions they need for their business. So what are you waiting for whether you have an online or offline business and if you want to create, schedule and send SMS campaigns for marketing, Connectwith us now!

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One of the biggest challenges faced by educational institutions is ensuring effective communication with students, parents, and staff. This was the case with DAV Public School, which struggled to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged through traditional methods of communication such as notices and circulars.

To address this challenge, DAV Public School partnered with True Bulk SMS, a leading bulk SMS service provider. True Bulk SMS provided the school with a comprehensive solution to send important updates and announcements to parents, students, and staff in a timely and efficient manner.

Using True Bulk SMS, DAV Public School was able to send personalized messages to parents and students, including attendance updates, exam results, and event invitations. This helped to improve communication and engagement, resulting in increased satisfaction among parents and students.

Furthermore, True Bulk SMS provided the school with real-time analytics, enabling them to track the effectiveness of their communications and make necessary improvements. Overall, True Bulk SMS helped DAV Public School to improve communication and engagement with all stakeholders, leading to better outcomes for students and the institution as a whole..

One of our clients, a real estate agency, was struggling to generate leads through traditional marketing methods such as print advertisements and cold calling. They turned to our Bulk SMS service for a cost-effective and efficient solution.

We helped the client to craft an SMS based campaign that was sent out to a targeted list of potential buyers. The message included an IVR number for live calls from potential customers & another call-to-action to visit the agency's website and register for more information.

The campaign was a huge success, generating a high volume of leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods. The agency was able to follow up with interested parties and convert many of them into actual clients.

The client was thrilled with the results and has continued to use our Bulk SMS service for ongoing lead generation campaigns. By leveraging the power of SMS marketing, they have been able to boost their sales and grow their business in a highly competitive industry.

Healthians is a healthcare startup that offers blood testing packages to individuals and organizations. The company faced challenges in generating calls for their services, as many people were not aware of the importance of regular blood testing. To address this, the company partnered with True Bulk SMS, a leading SMS marketing platform, to launch a targeted SMS campaign.

True Bulk SMS helped Healthians to create a database of potential customers by collecting their phone numbers through various channels. The company then used the True Bulk SMS platform to send targeted messages to this database, highlighting the benefits of regular blood testing and offering a discount on the blood testing package.

The SMS campaign was a huge success, generating a significant increase in calls for Healthians' blood testing packages. Customers appreciated the personalized messages and the discount offered, and many went on to become repeat customers. Healthians was able to expand its customer base and increase revenue, thanks to the targeted SMS campaign implemented by True Bulk SMS. .

One of the leading automobile companies in India was facing a slump in sales despite having a strong brand presence and a wide range of products. They approached True Bulk SMS with the aim of increasing sales and improving customer engagement.

After understanding their requirements and target audience, True Bulk SMS suggested a strategic SMS marketing campaign that would effectively reach out to potential customers and drive them towards the purchase funnel. The campaign included targeted SMS messages to prospective buyers with personalized offers, discount coupons, and information about new car launches and test drives.

True Bulk SMS also recommended a series of reminder SMSes to customers who had shown interest in their products but hadn't made a purchase yet. These reminders helped in keeping the brand top of mind and nudging customers towards the purchase decision. Within a month of launching the SMS campaign, the company witnessed a significant increase in footfall at their dealerships, resulting in a considerable increase in sales. The automobile company was satisfied with the results and continued the SMS campaign, resulting in a sustainable increase in sales over the months. Regenerate response


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We Provide Reliable, Fast & Premium Bulk SMS Services in India. Bulk SMS Service can be use many types of business like - Advertising, Makerting, Automobile Sector, Banking and Finance, E-commerce Sector, Eductaion Sector, Event Management, Government Public Utilities, Beautycare, Healthcare sector, Logistics, Media, Entertainment, NGOs, Realestate, Hotel, Restaurant, Retail, Tourism Sector.

Our election management expert has been helping election and politicians parties in managing all over India's political and election bulk sms campaigns. TBS make big arrangements for political parties to attract with huge peoples and party members in fraction of time. Our services are designed to make Automatically push the sending of SMS directly through your software or web application. TBS has a great team of political strategists, bulk sms and voice sms campaign managers and others. Some benefits of bulk sms and voice sms campaigns for election :

1. Low Advertisement Cost

2. Convey Message Easily

3. Send Personalized SMS & Many More options.

Service Explicit : Explicit SMS refer to the SMSes that are generated to you as the customer after consent is received by you to send these messages. These will be sent to you only after a thorough verification process, checking that you have in fact approved such messages to be sent to you. Service Implicit : Any message arising out of customer's actions or his existing relationship with the entity that is not promotional will be considered as Implicit SMS.

Bulk SMS marketing is a best tool for business promotion or order confirmation of any e-commerce website. It is an low budget method of communication. Here you can drive traffic at a low price. Mostly times Customers need time to time information regarding train time, flight time updates. Using TBS Bulk SMS marketing services you can provide them with the required information. TBS Provide Reliable Bulk SMS and Bulk Email in almost Indian cities like Kochi, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata, Kerala, Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Jaipur, Raipur, Lucknow, Kanpur etc.

Transactional SMS is especially wont to send OTP, order notifications, and other informational details. Send only informative messages to known contacts like employees, students, school customers, members etc. You have so many options for Transactional SMS Service provider in the market, but I would suggest you to go for True Bulk SMS Services who believes in providing best quality services to our customers it is also one of the fastest growing Bulk SMS Service Provider Company (Messaging Platform) in India.

Send promotional/informative messages to contacts. you've got to send from DLT approved header and therefore the message won't be delivered to DND numbers. By default, you're configured a promotional account. As per TRAI regulations, promotional SMS can't be delivered to numbers registered within the National Do-Not-Disturb (NDND) registry. Promotional SMS is employed to supply inform customers about the newest deals, latest offers, discount coupons & other advertising offers .

OTP SMS is used to avoid that threat and increase trade safety. When the authentication is done by the system, your trade gets completed in a scrap of seconds. It's also called as two factor authentication. These days fraudulent practices are really common splendors. Hence OTP SMS service provides a result to all these illegal exertion like phishing, keyboard logging etc. OTP SMS is used by banks,e-commerce hatches, payment gateways etc.

One of the topmost effects about SMS is that it delivers, and we don't mean to your phone. For almost 11 years, SMS has proved to be constantly effective in broadcasting business communications directly to your client base and triggering a desired behaviour or action. There are lots of benefit in employing SMS as part of your business process and communications strategy in order to reach your selected audience.

SMS Marketing begins when a versatile client sends a catchphrase as a message to a particular shortcode. These kind of messages are called MO messages (Mobile Originated message).

Basically, instant message advertising is connecting with your clients on their cell phone's message informing application to drive store visits, increment site or store visit recurrence, and fabricate brand devotion.

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